Questions and Answers


How much do domain packages cost?

$10 per month per domain.

Is anything else included in the $10 monthly fee?

Yes: Lots of options! Your $10 monthly fee covers not only your .WS “WebSite” domain name, but everything needed to make full use of it. You can use our hosting services, forward your domain to another location, leave it parked with a simple construction screen, or use our simple SiteBuilder tool to help you design a great WebSite in minutes. All these options include email services. Of course, you always have the option of using your own hosting company as well!

What forms of payment can I use?

You may use the following major credit cards: American Express, Discover, MasterCard, or Visa.

Do you offer any other products?

We offer the following products at an additional cost. Note: Shipping and handling is not included in the listed prices:

Leads packages:

10 Phone verified leads $30.00
50 Phone verified leads $150.00
100 Phone verified leads $300.00

GDI Business Cards:

250 cards $29.98
500 cards $41.98
1000 cards $54.98
1500 cards $60.98
2000 cards $66.98
2500 cards $72.98
5,000 cards $99.98


What is an Affiliate?

Becoming an affiliate allows you to make money by reselling our product. You will earn 10% of sales directly referred by you and 10% on each of 4 additional “layers” of affiliate sales. Check out the income calculator to get an idea of what your potential monthly income could be.

I don't want to SELL anything. That said, how do I build my business?

That is the beauty of our program. YOU don't sell anything, WE do all the selling for you. Just enter the names and email addresses of the people you know personally online, and we'll send a personalized email to them, from YOU, which directs them to a fully personalized, dynamic flash presentation. If you prefer, you can alternatively send them directly to your free Affiliate WebSite, which will be identical to the one you are looking at right now, but tracked to YOU, so you get the credit for all sign ups.

(PLEASE NOTE: Using our automated form requires pre-existing contact with those you choose to invite. We follow and STRICTLY ENFORCE A ZERO TOLERANCE policy regarding unsolicited SPAM emails - so make sure that you have had prior communication with anyone you decide to invite).

How can I see who signed up under me and how much commissions are owed to me?

You will have 24/7 access to REAL TIME REPORTING on all hits to your agent WebSite, all trials placed, and all active customers, as well as complete downline reporting, selectable by layer (1 through 5), and all current and past commissions due to you. You will also have contact information for your UPLINE SPONSORS, so you can email them and learn about their successes, as well as contact information for your DOWNLINE (network) members, so you may email them and tell them of your successful experiences.

As an Affiliate, do I need to send in any paperwork?

Yes. The required simple documentation can easily be accessed from within your account. However, you may begin building your business immediately (before we receive your documents).

What is the "Invite" section, and how do I use it?

The Invite section allows you to send customized emails to prospects, which must be people with whom you have had prior contact. You can also purchase opt-in email lists in the Leads section of your Members Area. Please note, we will not tolerate Spam of any kind from our affiliates. Violation of our Spam policy will result in immediate and permanent deactivation of your account without reimbursement.

What is an "Upline?"

Your upline is comprised of the people through which you were referred to our company. Your upline can be a valuable source of information for networking and brainstorming ways to increase your revenue.

What is a "Downline?"

Your downline is comprised of the people who were referred to our company through you. The people in your downline represent those for which you will earn commissions for purchases they make. Information in your downline is updated in real time so you always have the latest details available to you, 24/7.

How can I use the banners?

Banners allow you to place advertisements on your WebSites promoting our product offering. You will earn money whenever purchases are made with us by people who clicked on your banners.

What are the hit logs?

The hit logs allow you to see how much traffic your affiliate links are generating. They will show you the date and time, the IP address, and the referring URL of any hits to your affiliate page.

How do I earn commissions?

It's simple. You earn commissions for any sale referred through your affiliate link up to five layers deep.

How often will I receive commissions?

Commission payouts are sent on or before the 15th of every month provided your commission balance meets your selected minimum payout amount. The lowest minimum payout limit you can select is $10 USD. Commission totals less than your selected minimum payout amount will be carried over until such time as your balance meets your selected minimum.

What methods can I select from to receive commissions?

We currently offer commissions payments by mailed check, bank wire, or PayPal.

Where can I change how commissions are paid to me?

You may update your Preferred Commission Method and Minimum Payout Amount at any time from within your account. Simply click the Preferred Commission link along the left edge of our WebSite.

What happens to unpaid commissions if I deactivate my account?

All unpaid commissions (if any) are automatically forfeited if you deactivate your account.


Do you offer hosting services?

Yes, we do offer deluxe, self service hosting.

How do I purchase hosting?

There is no additional charge for hosting. It is included in your $10 monthly fee for the respective domain.

What is FTP?

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. It's simply how you move files from your personal computer to our servers so the rest of the world can see your WebSite.

How do I transfer my domain to my hosting company?

If you already have a hosting company you prefer to use, you can point your .WS domain to their nameservers from within your account. There is no additional fee for specifying your own nameservers.

I have entered my DNS information, why isn't my domain resolving?

Make sure you wait a minimum of 24 hours before becoming concerned. The Internet is comprised of millions of inter-connected computers. It generally takes 24-72 hours before new DNS information works its way to all of them. However, if you use our SiteBuilder web templates, your site will be viewable anywhere in the world within minutes!


How much is URL forwarding?

There is no additional charge for URL forwarding. If you wish to forward your new .ws domain to another existing domain name or WebSite, you may do so at any time. This service is included in your $10 monthly fee for the respective domain.

How do I setup URL forwarding?

You may specify a destination URL to which you want your .WS to forward from within your account at any time.


How do I setup email for my domain?

Simply click the email link from within your account. Please note, our email services will only work for domains pointing to our servers. If you are using another hosting company, they will provide email services for your domain.

You may choose any of 4 (four) options for each email address you create using your .ws domain(s):

1) WebMail: Check your email on the web via This simple yet full-featured webmail system works just like "Hotmail" or "Yahoo" webmail.

2) Forward Email: With this setting, if someone sends a message to , you can choose to have it forwarded to any existing email account you currently use. Set up forwarding for any email address from within

3) POP: This option allows you to download your email directly using an email program of your own. NOTE: If you choose to download your mail, it will be removed from your WebMail interface. Instructions on accessing your email via POP are included with each setup email you receive, as well as the Help section at

4) IMAP: This is the newer client-server protocol. Instructions on accessing your email via IMAP are included with each setup email you receive, as well as the Help section at

How many email addresses can I create?

You may create a maximum of 10 email addresses per domain.

How much space do I get for each one?

1 gigabyte.

How do I read my email?

Sign into your mailbox at

How do I set up POP or IMAP?

From within the email client you wish to use, you will need to enter the following information:

1) Incoming Mail Server ->

2) Outgoing Mail Server -> Provided by your ISP

3) Account Name -> address you are using to setup

Can I use your email service while my domain is hosted with a different company?

No. Our email service will only work for domains pointing to our servers. If you are using another hosting company, they will provide email services for your domain.


What is SiteBuilder?

SiteBuilder is our template driven WebSite design interface. It easily allows you to get a WebSite up-and-running in minutes without using special software. Everything is completed from within your Internet browser.

How many pages can my WebSite have?

Our SiteBuilder program allows an unlimited number of pages. Please keep in mind that some templates may have a maximum number of page tabs that can be displayed in the navigation bar of your site though. For this reason, we suggest testing different templates to see which works best for your site content.

How much space do I get for files needed to build my WebSite?

100 megabytes. However, most .WS user WebSites utilize only a fraction of this available space.

Can I make changes to my site at anytime?


How long will it take for the changes to take effect?

Most changes will take effect within 15 minutes.

Can I upload my own HTML pages for use with SiteBuilder?

No. If you have your own HTML pages, you will want to use our hosting option instead of SiteBuilder. There is no additional fee for doing so. Both options are included in your $10 monthly fee for the respective domain.

Account Information

How do I make changes to my personal contact information?

Simply click the "Account Info" link from within your account.

How do I change my password?

This is also changed from within "Account Info". Scroll down to the section titled "Change Password".

Where can I update my payment information?

This is also changed from within "Account Info". Scroll down to the bottom of the page where you will see the "Preferred Payment Method" section.


How can I cancel company mailings without canceling my full account?

Most company mailings contain removal links, but you may also opt out of mailings from within your account. You may also reinstate mailings from which you previously removed yourself. Simply go to your email preferences section from within your account.

How can I cancel one of my domains without canceling my full account?

If you have multiple domains and wish to cancel one of them, login to your account to use our Support Request Form. Simply indicate in the body of the email the domain you no longer wish to be charged for. Please Note: You must have at least one registered domain to keep your account active. If you wish to cancel the only domain on your account, please see How can I cancel my account?

How can I cancel my account?

For security purposes, all cancellations must be completed from within your account; no exceptions. You may use the Support Request Form located within your GDI account to submit your cancellation request. Alternate methods of cancellation will not be accepted.

Will you refund my latest monthly fee if I cancel?

No, nor do we offer pro-rated refunds. All charges are non-refundable. We do promise no additional fees will be charged for your account once it has been cancelled.


I need additional assistance not covered here. How can I contact support?

Simply click the "Request Support" link from within your account. We're always happy to help!