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November 13, 2006Global Domains International Experiences Unprecedented Growth

With the help of Global Domains International, the latest internet sensation, anyone can now have an international domain name for their business, sports club, school, church, family news or even themselves.

Every computer user knows about 'dot-com', the most popular top level domain. A domain forms the essential part of all internet addresses. Did you know that there are now 20 million plus dot-com domains and 34 or more million domains worldwide rising to 500 million in the next few years. It is anticipated by Intel apparently that every computer will have its own domain name, or rather the name of its owner, in the future.

Now since the 1990s country codes have been in use - like .au (Australia), .ie (Ireland), .uk (United Kingdom) and .hu (Hungary) and so on. Recently .WS has become internationally available. Research shows that .WS is Western Samoa's country code top level domain.

So what is going on?
Well, in 2000 two bright entrepreneurs (the founders of GDI) managed to persuade the Samoan Government to allow them to be the registry for .WS, using the obvious global appeal of .WS as WebSite. Western Samoa, a tiny island nation of 200,000 souls in the Pacific receives a percentage of the sales.

Obtain one of these global domains from GDI (Global Domains International) for any purpose - businesses, personal sites, clubs, schools, communities, churches or temples, etc. - it has never been easier to join the revolution.

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