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About the .WS Registry

If you are an ICANN accredited registrar, you may become a .WS (WebSite) accredited registrar. There are no geographic restrictions; .WS domains may be registered by anyone, anywhere in the world. The .WS (WebSite) extension is a simple and profitable TLD for any registrar to add to its offerings.

The .WS Registry is a fully RFC compliant EPP based registry. We support Inter-Registrar transfers and Internationalized Domain Names. We maintain a fully functional parallel OT&E environment for easy integration.

We have an experienced, dedicated team for registrar support. We can help any registrar, however large or small, get up and running quickly.

If you are interested in becoming a .WS registrar, please contact us. If you are an existing registrar and would like to contact us, please login to your account and click "Request Support".

Why Become a .WS Registrar?

Global Accessibility: There are no geographic restrictions on registration of .WS domains

Brand: .WS as WebSite has global appeal

Ease: The .WS Registry is a fully RFC compliant EPP based registry

IDNs: The .WS Registry supports all characters in Internationalized Domain Names

Price: Competitive pricing, with rebates for high-volume registrars

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