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March 9, 2015.WS Emoji Domains Offer Rare Opportunity to Brand Companies in New Ways

Coca-Cola just launched a unique, new ad campaign first covered by Adweek in their story "Coca-Cola Spreads Happiness Online With Emoji Web Addresses: Domains for every joyful face." Here's a small sampling of the several dozens of emoji domains they're using:

www.😄.ws (try typing into mobile browser address bar)
www.😛.ws (try typing into mobile browser address bar)
www.😂.ws (try typing into mobile browser address bar)

Not to be outdone, CV-Library, the top job site in the United Kingdom, grabbed one for themselves as announced on their site with "Three Thumbs Up! CV-Library Joins Coca-Cola in Spreading Emoji Joy." This is the emoji domain they registered:

www.👍👍👍.ws (try typing into mobile browser address bar)

As you see with CV-Library, emojis can also be combined together to create nearly infinite memorable ways to engage with people on their mobile devices.

MGM Grand could be www.🃏.ws or www.🎰🎰🎰.ws.

Budweiser might use www.🍺🍺🍺.ws or www.❤🍺.ws.

So why .WS domains? .WS domains are one of the select few in the world that work with emojis. Special restrictions forbid emoji domains from ever working with .com, .net, or any of the other more commonly known and newly released domain extensions. This is a rare offering indeed that we can offer.

There are currently 846 different supported emoji characters. A full list of current and proposed emoji can be viewed at the Unicode Consortium's website. A quick visit to their page will allow you to easily visualize the ways your can use these unique domains to drive customers to your mobile sites.

These domains are particularly well-suited for use on mobile devices where emojis are predominantly used. They offer a visionary new way to connect with target audiences on their smartphones and tablets. Feel free to type any of the emoji domains above into your mobile device's internet browser to better see how they truly work.

Global Domains International, headquartered in California, is the official Registry for all .WS domains. Originally assigned to the country of Western Samoa, we contracted with them to make .WS domains available worldwide on March 9, 2000. For the last 15 years, we have been marketing .WS to the world as "WebSite." As you can see though, .WS can be spun into whatever meaning best meets the needs of your company. Coca-Cola selected .WS to represent "We Smile," while CV-Library chose .WS to mean "Work Success."

Please contact us to learn about the exciting ways you can use emoji domains to brand your company.

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